3 Best Methods for Success Using LinkedIn


Why leverage your employees as Brand Ambassadors?

On average, employees have 10 times more followers than corporate accounts, so leveraging your employees’ social networks can dramatically increase your visibility to potential prospects.

Brand loyalty is an easy thing to build within your own ranks.

Get it, know it, love it: These are three qualities that make an advocacy program successful. Your employees (should) easily adopt all 3 of these qualities. Additionally, any content that comes from your employees adds a strong sense of authenticity to your brand’s message. People are are more likely to engage with social content if it’s coming from a friend. When employees share your content, your company has the opportunity to reach new audiences and new levels of brand loyalty.

1. Set clear goals

Before you ask your employees to do anything, it’s important to have a solid plan in place. This will ensure you stay focused and on message. Clearly outline what you want to accomplish on LinkedIn and you’ll set your team up for success.

2. Make it easy

It should be as simple as -- I was going to say pie, but I find copy and paste to be much easier than baking a pie. Make it as easy as possible for your employees to engage with and promote your brand.

Don’t expect your team to know exactly what to share or when to share it: tell them!

For example, if you want to promote a new product or a sale, send out sample messaging to use (with a call to action!) and ask your employees to share it. This gives them a place to start and allows them to easily share the content you want them to.

3. Provide support

Make it very clear how you want to engage with their network of customers and prospects. A training on how to use LinkedIn will empower your employees to be brand ambassadors. Training, support and encouragement from leadership, and recognition for their participation are all key factors in a successful employee advocacy program. Be sure to keep things going by highlighting people doing social well, sending out tips, and suggesting ways staff can help push the company’s marketing strategy.

Have questions about employee advocacy programs? Comment below and I’ll be sure to provide further tips and resources. Otherwise, if you’re looking for a way to align your team on LinkedIn in 2017, message me for more details about our LinkedIn Content Strategy for B2B sales teams.

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