Why LinkedIn should be in your sales budget for 2017

Ten years. That’s how long your competition has had to get their sales team on board with LinkedIn. In the last ten years, I’ve helped businesses shift their perception of LinkedIn from an online resume to powerful business development tool.

I developed our LinkedIn for Business Development Curriculum to help businesses align their brand with consistent content across their employees profiles, and leverage their sales team to generate leads, reinforce industry expertise, and build, manage and grow relationships using Linkedin

Begin with customer focused content

We start with content alignment: developing consistent messaging for your company reinforces your brand, and builds trust and brand recognition among key customers. Instead of highlighting their ability to reach quarterly quotas (information that your prospects don’t care about) we write content that resonates with your prospects. We position your team’s profiles to highlight what problem you solve for your customers.

Training sales teams to leverage LinkedIn for business development

Then we teach your sales team how to target key prospects, generate more leads, and strengthen sales opportunities on LinkedIn. Our Business Development Curriculum shifts their perception of LinkedIn. We show them which activities they should focus on to generate warm leads, and improve their sales process.

Maintain the momentum with training reinforcements

The challenge of any half-day training is that you’re packing a lot of information into a short time. That’s why we’ve designed a 3 week training reinforcement program, followed by weekly reminders to help maintain the momentum of the strategy we’ve outlined and provide the activities that will keep your staff on track.

If your focus for the next year is generating leads, strengthening your brand, and promoting growth, I'd be happy to chat about LinkedIn.

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