Your Marketing Plan Should Not Be Mysterious


Rescue your marketing from the mist

You may have noticed some changes to my LinkedIn profile lately. We’ve recently launched Strategy House, a marketing agency that specializes in demystifying social media for B2B businesses. But beyond that shameless plug, I wanted to share a little about our why, or rather, how we came to be in business in the first place.

Over the course of the last two years, I’d found myself in conversations with business owners who admitted they were struggling to understand digital marketing; for some, setting a social media and content strategy was as daunting as learning a new language. Even those who’d hired social media consultants to assist them, still felt that a social marketing strategy was a mystery.

This shocked me.

If you’ve hired someone to set a strategy for your company, that plan shouldn’t be scary or foreign—it should be clearly communicated to everyone in your organization. Your CEO should know it, your sales team, and your interns. When I realized that so many other strategists were leaving their clients in the dust as far as how their process for creating and implementing marketing plans, I knew it was time for a change.

So, I designed a playbook for my clients that is a step-by-step guide to a personalized marketing strategy. The playbook delivers a solid, strategic foundation for their digital, social, and content marketing efforts in simple and easy to understand terms. More importantly, it houses all of the tools, knowledge, and training you need to be confident and self-sufficient in the execution of the strategy.

The playbook is an inclusive process; we typically work with the marketing team or CEO of companies to understand the unique needs of the company, and then develop the marketing strategy to fit those needs. After we’ve defined the strategy, I actually train the team to execute the tasks we’ve outlined, and customize the playbook to keep them on track. It is a reference that our clients return to time and again to ensure that the marketing, content, and social strategies we created remain on track.

If you’re feeling frustrated or overwhelmed when thinking about social or content marketing, or you know someone who is struggling to get a grasp on digital marketing, let’s chat about whether the playbook would be a good fit.

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