Candid Conversations with Sara Brown from Lucas Milhaupt: Talent

The Lucas Milhaupt team is working diligently to strengthen their online presence as they aim to make doing business with them easier for their customers and more appealing to future employees. Sara Brown, Marketing Specialist at Lucas Milhaupt, took some time to chat with Strategy House to give us an inside look about her new role and some of the projects that are on the forefront to reach their digital goals.

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A new beginning in manufacturing

Sara is fairly new to the Lucas-Milhaupt team. Though she has never worked in manufacturing previously, while seeking new opportunities she saw that many of her jack-of-all-trades skills were transferable to the Marketing Specialist position.

Aside from her transferable skills, she realized during her company research that Lucas Milhaupt had a strong company culture which drew her in. As someone who loves taking on new challenges and understands the importance of great company culture, she went for it.

Getting digital

As the Marketing Specialist, Sara has a lot on her plate, and manages the day to day of the entire marketing department. One of the biggest planned projects for the year she’s heading is the website redesign. Something she was particularly excited about doing in her new role.

As with many websites in the manufacturing industry, Lucas-Milhaupt’s was very outdated. When minimal changes had been made in the last decade, the website can be considered ancient in website terms. We asked for Sara’s take on the project and she told us, “We’re bringing [the website] up to be where it's mobile-friendly, to be where it's something that customers can go and learn more about us and easily navigate depending on their industry or the type of work that they do. I think that is what is really getting me excited about this; it's definitely a solution and not just like this is something that we're checking the box.”

It’s certainly an exciting project and great to see Sara and her team really focuses on their customers and the buyer’s journey. They’re moving pretty quickly for an industry where digital changes tend to move at a slower pace.

Introduction to brazing

When Sara started at Lucas-Milhaupt, she was worried might need a chemistry degree to get her up to speed on the company and its products. However, after some time learning the ins and outs and attending trade shows, she was able to deepen her understanding and truly get into the customer mindset of what it’s like to work with Lucas-Milhaupt.

Sara was excited to learn all of the different applications that Lucas-Milhaupt's brazing products are used within on a daily basis. "The stuff that we do is really an everyday use that you and I wouldn't necessarily think about like grocery store refrigerators, ice skating rinks, or even carsbrazing and brazing alloys are a part of everyday products, which is another thing now we're trying to highlight and really bring awareness to the general public. We really touch a lot of different industries and a lot of different things that people use every day," Sara shared of her experience learning about the brazing industry.


Showcasing culture

There’s a lot happening at Lucas-Milhaupt in terms of the digital and marketing landscape changing for manufacturers. Companies are really focusing not only on sales, attraction, retention, and growth, but also talent. As we spoke about, culture is important and that’s another big initiative Lucas in working on incorporating into their digital presence.

The reality is that people often spend at least 40 hours of their time at work a week. This can mean more time with colleagues than with family. One thing Sara and her team are conscious of is promoting the family-like culture in manufacturing. It's important to showcase that the employees at Lucas-Milhaupt treat their team like family. It's not uncommon for an employee to stay for over twenty years; even retirees return to their company picnics.

She told us she feels confident in choosing her Marketing Specialist position because she is reassured that "we have a good culture here, we treat each other like family. Everything that we do as a company, who we are and what we stand for, I think having that out there and really unifying that branding, getting that message across, is really going to help people say ‘I want to work for Lucas’ instead of saying ‘yeah I just kind of came across them and they seem decent’.”

Sara has a lot on her plate today, but is tackling it strategically. The initiatives she's putting into place for the marketing department will shape the future brand perception of the organization. We hope to come back a year down the road and see some of those successes.

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Post by: Mariana Ruiz