Candid Conversations

Changing the perception of manufacturing - one story at a time

Manufacturing companies across the nation are facing industry-wide talent shortages while struggling to remain relevant in the age of digital marketing. As an industry stigmatized by the ‘dirty, dumb, and dangerous’ stereotype, part of this struggle comes from the negative perception of manufacturing in America.

Strategy House is on a mission to change that perception and showcase modern day manufacturing for what it is — a rapidly growing industry that brings value to our economy and is budding with opportunity.

Candid Conversations brings together leaders in manufacturing, higher education, leadership development, and the Southeastern Wisconsin community to give a voice to the industry while addressing key issues. Through these conversations, we aim to provide a platform that gives a behind the scenes look at manufacturing and shift the outdated perspective, one story at a time.  

Join us for candid conversations about the challenges, successes, and strategies from industry leaders in Wisconsin and nationwide.

Check out our most recent Candid Conversations here:

Waukesha Metal Products - Chris Zuzick

It’s an exciting time to be in the evolving manufacturing industry. In this week’s Candid Conversation, Chris Zuzick, the Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Waukesha Metal Products, tells us why he loves the industry and where he sees the company headed in the next year.

J Dietenberger - UWM

In this week’s Candid Conversation we’re talking with J Dietenberger about talent attraction and retention. J discusses the innovative and successful technology talent programs he’s helped build and gives us insight into how to align organizations with the right professionals.

Reginald Reed - Mindful Staffing

In this week’s Candid Conversation we’re talking to Reginald Reed from Mindful Staffing Solutions. Katie and Reginald had a really exciting conversation about the disconnect between employees and employers and the unique approach Reginald is taking to bridge that gap

Lucas-Milhaupt - Richaad Reed

Richaad Reed is currently spearheading both the Inside Sales and Technical Services department. He shares insight into his unexpected career path in manufacturing, and the aspects of company culture that keep him dedicated to Lucas-Milhaupt.

Lucas-Milhaupt - Sara Brown, Marketing Specialist

Sara Brown Shares the story of her transition from the insurance industry to manufacturing as the new Marketing Specialist at Lucas-Milhaupt. Sara shares which aspects of the role she found most appealing and some of the exciting new marketing strategies she's rolling out.

Candid Conversations with Nicole Nettesheim from SussexIM: Talent

Nicole Nettesheim, HR Generalist at SussexIM provides insight into the most effective strategies for attracting and retaining key talent in light of rapid growth within the organization.

Power Test - Jason Kayzar, VP of Sales & Service

Katie has a Candid Conversation with Jason Kayzar, VP of Sales & Service at Power Test about the impact of technology and culture on their growth strategies.

Allis Tool & Machine Corp. - Peter Rathmann, CEO

Peter Rathmann, CEO of Allis Tool & Machine Corp. in West Allis, WI shares his strategies for attracting and retaining talent.

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