Building brand awareness through LinkedIn: A $2 million dollar success story


If there's one thing you should know about Strategy House it's that we're all about connection. It's the core of our strategies, and without it we wouldn't have been able to help our healthcare manufacturing client accomplish their goal of building brand awareness with their ideal customers.

Simply put, creating a connection with people (not just any people, your people) is a must for any business that wants to generate leads and grow—because at the end of the day business is powered by people.

However, this story isn’t about the importance of connection. Instead we wanted to share how we’ve used our proven content strategy to help one of our healthcare manufacturing clients create the right connections, strengthen their position as an expert in the senior care industry and ultimately launch a relationship with their ideal customer.

Creating Industry Connections Through Content

As always, we began our our quarterly content planning call with a recap of the last quarter; we evaluated what worked, what wasn’t and our plan of action for addressing it. We were thrilled to hear the Vice President Sales - Senior Living ask to share a win with us.

He recounted a recent sales meeting he had with four key decision makers of a large national account he’d been pursuing. Before beginning the meeting he asked the decision makers what, if anything, they knew about the company. To his surprise they responded with his company’s branded tagline, verbatim.

As it turns out, the company had been following along with his team’s frequent posts on LinkedIn and had seen some of the articles that had been published in leading industry magazines. This meeting was proof that consistent posting of value driven content was being seen by the right people and being remembered by the key decision makers they were targeted to.

Our client ended up winning this $700,000 annual contract, netting them over $2 million dollars over the three years they signed the contract through, an amount that's nearly triple their average contract.

Though we’re confident that it is our customers commitment to quality products and excellent customer service that ultimately sealed the deal, the brand awareness that the LinkedIn content strategy brought certainly didn’t hurt.


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Post by: Bridgette McCormick

Bridgette has developed a career around content. Her work as a writer and editor began nearly ten years ago, and since she has harnessed her experience working as a ghostwriter for business owners to develop marketing strategies that connect businesses to their ideal audiences through content. When not devoting her eye to content revision and development, she can be found reading, enjoying the diverse and delicious Milwaukee restaurant scene, or taking long road trips to explore America.