Digital Marketing For Manufacturers

Often in the industrial companies we work with, the “marketing department” often falls on the shoulders of a single person. It’s easy for them to become overwhelmed with tactics and tasks to support the sales team, or to feel like marketing is operating in a vacuum of legacy marketing tactics like tradeshow management. As a result, the digital presence of many industrial companies is often pushed to the backburner.  

13 percent of non-marketing employees relate marketing to business strategy

A recent study shows that only 13% of non-marketing employees think marketing drives business strategy; most believe that it was the least important department in the organization. Both these assumptions couldn’t be further from the truth.

We Demystify Marketing For You

Businesses without an updated web presence are missing out on not only the opportunity to build brand awareness but the chance to establish themselves as the expert in their industry, reach more customers and understand how to best serve them. But a solid digital marketing strategy is more than social media statuses and fancy graphics, it starts with a deep understanding of who your target customers are, and what buying experience they want.

Getting Results

Strategy House demystifies social media and marketing for manufacturers and other B2B businesses by creating easy to implement marketing plans that resonate with the people you want to work with. Our digital marketing strategies will help your marketing team (or person) focus on identifying your customers and their needs, then creating a plan to reach them. We use our proven process to clearly define which marketing platforms best suit your business and how and when to use them. After a strategy has been put into place, we deepen your knowledge with all of the necessary templates, resources, tools and implementation training needed for success.

Taking the time to discover key insights about your company and industry often allows you to see a faster ROI than traditional marketing because content and social media engagement becomes hyper-focused, attracting and converting the right people.

There’s no need to spend more time in the digital shadows because updating and maintaining your company’s web presence seems too daunting to tackle. Let the Strategy House team set a strategic foundation and create a step-by-step plan for achieving your goals.

If you’re ready to start seeing results with your social media and marketing or are curious about our processes, call Katie at 262-227-0772 or email her at

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