Candid Conversations with Hani Malek from Kapco Metal Stamping: Brand


Hani Malek, VP of Corporate Development at Kapco Metal Stamping, is ready to change the perspective around manufacturing and build a new brand image for Kapco that reflects it. During this week’s candid conversation he shares how he plans on doing so and the direction his team is headed.

Growth Opportunities at Kapco

There's a lot of talk about the challenges in manufacturing but there is also room for opportunity. Hani and his team are in charge of growth and gave some great insight as to how they’re growing not only with current customers but new ones as well.

Positioning themselves as a go-to expert in their industry, Kapco has built a solid customer base and continues to reach out to those who are not having their needs met by competitors. With a savvy sales team on the front lines, they’ve uncovered how they can better serve their industry. It’s been both a win and a challenge as they work hard to keep up with all the new business they’ve now acquired.


The Perception of Manufacturing

Although he has a thriving career in manufacturing today, Hani grew up hearing the same misconceptions about manufacturing. “When I was growing up, my parents and most parents talked to the kids about going to college. Saying, ‘You don't want to work in manufacturing it’s dirty, sweaty and all that.”

Hani and others in the manufacturing world are working to showcase that manufacturing can indeed be a successful career and it’s not the dirty, dangerous job people once thought. In Hani’s case, he didn’t learn this until entering the industry but what changed his mind was the people. Now he wants to showcase that within Kapco to attract new employees and give them a similar experience.

However, it’s no longer enough to post a job and wait for applicants. Talent attraction these days involves much more relationship building and strategy. With the help of the company’s new Director of Marketing, Angela Bonovich, they’ve begun to shift their focus on to how they can create stronger relationships with new talent and brand themselves as a great place to work in manufacturing.


Time for a New Workforce

Hani’s efforts to attract budding talent and change the perspective of the industry amongst young people entering the workforce has only just begun.

“It’s time to build a new workforce,” he said when asked about what he saw for the future of manufacturing. “We want to be in every middle school and high school early to get them interested in manufacturing. We want to do tours like we're doing today, we want to have fab labs to encourage the idea that they can have a career in manufacturing.”

Post by: Katie Felten

As a Digital Strategist and Co-Founder of Strategy House, Katie serves as our team visionary. She works directly with executive teams, participating in strategy meetings, and translating the vision for growth into clear brand strategies that align with their growth goals.