Candid Conversations with Jenny Wenger from Kapco Metal Stamping: Talent

Kapco Metal Stamping is a privately held metal stamping and fabrication company founded in 1972 and now has three locations throughout Wisconsin. Jenny Wenger, Kapco’s Senior Director of Talent and Development, talked to us today about the company’s growth and how they’re working to attract the right talent to their family-like team.

Attracting and growing talent at Kapco

At Kapco, it’s all about the people. “It's about the people that we attract to join us, it's about their development, it's about how they become a part of our work family and deliver to the overall goals of the organization and where we're going,” Jenny said.  

Since the beginning, Kapco has grown quickly and decades later it hasn’t shown any sign of slowing down. Jenny’s team contributes to that growth by finding new ways to reach a variety of people, whether they have been in manufacturing for years or are just entering the industry.

However, while compensation and benefits are part of the attraction at Kapco, Jenny knows that’s not all it comes down to in order to keep employees happy and attract new talent. “It’s also about the employee — what's in it for them beyond that [compensation and benefits],” Jenny said. It’s things like career and skill development, the opportunity for a raise, and flexible schedules that people are seeking out.

Talent retention is also on Jenny’s list to tackle moving forward. “As we head into our next year it's not just finding the people that we need, it is making sure that we retain them and develop them,” she mentioned.

Some of the things Jenny and her team are currently working on to retain Kapco talent are employee roadmaps that provide a clear outlook and expectations for every position in the company.


Keeping Core Values as the Kapco Family Grows

As a family-owned company, keeping the core values intact is important to everyone on the Kapco team. Or as Jenny put it, “It's our work family here. So as we continue to grow and evolve we want everybody that joins us to hold the same core values that we have as a company. It helps us all come together. It makes us Kapco.”

Post by: Katie Felten

As a Digital Strategist and Co-Founder of Strategy House, Katie serves as our team visionary. She works directly with executive teams, participating in strategy meetings, and translating the vision for growth into clear brand strategies that align with their growth goals.