Candid Conversations with Mike Kenny from Kapco Metal Stamping: Sales Strategy


Kapco Metal Stamping is a vertically integrated metal stamping, fabricating, and welding company with over 200 clients and a diverse customer base nationwide. Today we’re talking with Kapco’s Vice President of Sales, Mike Kenny to gain some insight on his team is managing growth and navigating talent attraction.

Managing Massive Growth

One of the biggest challenges Kapco is facing is managing growth — a good problem to have. “We've been blessed with a ton of growth coming at us and our biggest effort is focused on making sure we're targeting the right work. We're targeting the right customers with the right business practices, the right mindsets, and the right growth plans that align with ours.  It's not a question of finding enough work, it's a question of trying to find work that's a good fit,” Mike discusses referring to their current growth plan.

The latter has become especially important he noted saying, “We have a tendency to try to find the way to put a deal together and sometimes we have to slow our efforts down a little bit and just say if it's not the right fit. It's better to realize early and work it out so that's been an ongoing challenge for us.”

Technology and Sales

Just as customers are doing their homework on the businesses they buy from, Mike has told us that businesses should be doing the same research on their customers. Even more, companies should be prepared to showcase their brand and team in a way that makes them attractive to potential customers who have not met anyone one the sales team yet.

Technology is the first step in the sales process for many businesses, Kapco included. Mike went on to say, “Electronic communication is just the norm and whether it's EDI or our portals, technology affects everything from the beginning of the relationship on through the very end and it's just become part of who we are and what we do.”


Core Values at Kapco

Technology can, of course, have downsides too. One of which has been creating an ‘always on’ mentality for employees, such as working through the weekend, responding to emails at all hours of the day and night.

Mike says Kapco’s core values help to promote balance. “When we follow innovation, attitude, and accountability profiles - three of our five core values - part of that means being all-in but that also means when you need some downtime you need to be ready to take it. We’re trying to figure that out with people and understand where the technology helps or where it doesn't.”


Business Development Goals

As for the future, the challenge is not finding more growth, it’s finding the right growth. There are the tried and true methods that continue to keep Kapco growing, but there are also new avenues the team is exploring. At this time, this includes implementing a very aggressive, upfront funnel process that allows the team to determine where to put their energy and how to make sure clients are getting quotes that are meaningful.

Post by: Katie Felten

As a Digital Strategist and Co-Founder of Strategy House, Katie serves as our team visionary. She works directly with executive teams, participating in strategy meetings, and translating the vision for growth into clear brand strategies that align with their growth goals.