Is LinkedIn Valuable for Sales Teams in Manufacturing?

LinkedIn is a unique and cost-effective opportunity to market your company to prospects.

With more than 450 million users, LinkedIn is the most popular social network for professionals as well as one of the most important social platforms for B2B businesses.

However, many organizations are missing out on a huge opportunity; leveraging your employees’ profiles will maximize your reach and effectiveness on LinkedIn. Taking the time to craft intentional and consistent messaging is key; LinkedIn profiles are searchable on search engines, so providing your employees with content for their profiles that promotes your company and increases visibility of your brand.

A consistent message reinforces your brand and provides an opportunity to share your company’s mission in front of a wider network.


LinkedIn will help your sales team:

Over the shoulder shot of Katie Felten leveraging LinkedIn for business development
    • Build Brand Awareness

    • Generate Leads

    • Establish Thought Leadership

    • Build, Manage, and Nurture Relationships


LinkedIn is an incredibly effective business development tool for your sales team.

The more people your team connects with, the more likely it is that you’ll be able to connect with key partner and prospects. First level contacts open up a route to a wide range of second and third level connections, allowing your team to scale the overall network of your company.

With LinkedIn, your team will be able to learn about prospects by looking at their profile, and use that knowledge to make their sales pitch more personal, and therefore more relevant and useful.

Your employees can also use change as catalyst for starting a conversation. Whether it’s a company-wide announcement, a role change, or new position--any change can present a good reason to get in touch and offer to help. LinkedIn makes discovering these changes easy.

We often work with manufacturers who are aware that the old ways of acquiring new clients are becoming less and less effective, but are skeptical whether or not social media can work in a “boring” industry. 

But 80% of B2B leads generated from social media come from LinkedIn.

The way people purchase has shifted, and it's clear that customers are looking for information online long before they speak to a salesperson. Make sure your team is providing content for prospects to find.

If you’re looking align your sales team’s online presence, and leverage LinkedIn strategically this year, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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