Manufacturers Invest in Digital Marketing as Growth Strategy

Catching Up With Digital Marketing

As digital marketing and social media specialists for B2B manufacturing companies, we’ve started to take note on some of the struggles we’re seeing with our clients in order to better serve them. Over the past few years, we’ve watched the manufacturing industry begin to catch up to the digital marketing trends and realize the powerful effects digital marketing and an online presence can have for their business. They see their competitors bringing in more leads and sales thus creating a name for themselves on social media, and know that it’s time for them to do the same.

With that realization, if budget allows, many companies decide to hire a marketing specialist to fill the gap of this need internally. Someone who can enhance their digital presence, keep them active on social media and ultimately set a digital marketing strategy for their business. They know they need someone who is on the pulse of digital marketing, can lead the initiative forward and is eager to get marketing experience under their belt in this new role.

In turn, many manufacturing businesses seek out young, newly graduated students for these roles. With thousands of students on the job hunt and new roles opening up in a well-defined industry, this is can be a great opportunity. However, there tends to be a disconnect between what the company needs on a big picture scale (social media and digital marketing) and supporting the new hires in their role in order to connect the dots and create a plan of action that will help the company reach their business goals.


The Gap Between Marketing and Manufacturing

Often the newly created Marketing Specialist role reports to the CEO, and as a result this person becomes isolated because they need support in order to grow into the strategic, leadership role. As you can imagine, a CEO doesn’t have much time to personally train or oversee new hires, coupled with the fact that this is usually a new role, there aren’t many other people left to turn to for guidance.

Many new marketing hires are often taking their first job out of college with little experience in a strategic role, and without any guidance or structure, the new digital marketing efforts can often become overwhelming and scattered. This can lead to frustration on both the new hire’s end as well as the employer. Leaving those that did the hiring feeling like they made a risky, expensive mistake and the new employee feeling completely overwhelmed and lost.

Not to mention it can be seen as further ‘proof’ behind the misconception that social media doesn’t work for manufacturers or that their business isn’t the right fit. Or worse yet, the new hire then ends up leaving because of lack of structure and guidance.


The Strategy House Solution

The good news is, as partnerships between manufacturers and education strengthen, graduates in Wisconsin have an opportunity to work their way into leadership positions in one of the state’s largest industries. But before these graduates can be successful in these positions, we need to work to fill the gap between these new marketing specialist roles and how to structure that position within each company.

For that reason, Strategy House often works as a liaison between C-suite level executives and marketing specialists. We work with these novice marketers teaching them how to be strategic in their approach to marketing and bridge the miscommunication gap between them and the C-level executives. We also work towards building connections between manufacturers and education by helping to attract the right talent and structure new marketing roles as long-term, growth oriented leadership positions at manufacturing companies all around Wisconsin.

If your manufacturing company has recently hired a new marketing role and is struggling to get a strategy off the ground and producing results, let’s talk.


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