The Best B2B Social Media Solution to Prepare You for 2017

 It’s clear at this point that social media isn’t going anywhere. For B2C companies, it’s proven to be an incredible advertising platform, however it can be a little more obtuse for many of our B2B clients.

 We help demystify social media for B2B businesses because we know that when you are providing the right content at the right time on the right platform, social media can:

  • Generate leads
  • Connect you to your ideal customers
  • Humanize your brand
  • Increase conversion rates among your sales team
  • Establish your company as a thought leader
  • Reinforce your sales team’s industry expertise
  • Help your sales team build, manage, and grow relationships with prospects
  • Nurture communities around your product

 With these results, social media is a valuable investment for B2B businesses.

  There is no one-size-fits-all social media solution for companies.

 We strongly believe the best solution for tackling your social media strategy is a hybrid solution of internal and external resources. When you partner with an agency or consultant, you’ll get the deep knowledge of the company from your employees, and the comprehensive understanding of social media marketing from your team of experts. Having an external resource to rely on means increased flexibility and scalability, while freeing up your employees valuable time for other business growth projects.

Partnering staff within your company with external expertise means your company gets the best of both worlds.

 And as long as you treat your external experts and your internal contacts as a single team who have a structured process for communicating with each other, you’ll lower the risk of miscommunication that comes with truly outsourcing. In a world where connecting is easily done, we aren’t limited to having to choose between an internal or external social media team. Choosing both is the best way to keep your strategy tuned, organic, growing and developing.

 When we work with social media teams, they often are implementing something: posting to Facebook, writing blogs, sharing on Instagram - but may not have those activities tied back to the business growth goals. Without a strategy, your company is wasting resources, and your social media team are wasting their talents. You likely don’t have the time to invest in learning how to use new social platforms, but your social media team members haven’t had enough experience to truly be strategic about their activities. This is frustrating for you, and them: you want to see an ROI on social, they want to feel like the work they are doing is valuable and have some means to benchmark their success. Neither of these are possible without a strategy.

 This is exactly why we created our Social Media Game Plan; we work with Marketing Directors to set a strategy that ties back to buisness development goals, then provide a step-by-step plan for Social Media Coordinators and teams to implement, and share all the resources and tools they need to implement on their own.

 If any of these challenges sound familiar, I’d be happy to answer any questions you may have about managing social media as a B2B company. I’m always available as a resource for you!


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