The Power of LinkedIn for B2B Businesses

Mention ‘social media’ to a B2B industrial company and you’re usually met with a response along the lines of, ‘That’s not for us.’, ‘Our industry is too boring.” or general confusion about how to leverage it. That being said, it’s no surprise that many B2B businesses are underutilizing one of the most important social network in terms of building relationships and generating leads—LinkedIn. With 467 million members and counting, LinkedIn is a perfect platform for an industrial company to also establish thought leadership, build an online presence and connect directly with their target customer (it’s true, B2B decision makers use social media too).

The industrial industry usually requires specific knowledge and skill set, which means people seeking out your product or service have a very specific problem to solve. In the early buying stages when your customer is looking for information they’re most likely to seek out industry specific communities and discussions. In fact, 1 in 5 B2B businesses have used industry specific forums and sites during their buying process.

Social media use in the B2B realm is very focused on trusted professional networks and building relationships. So even though LinkedIn isn’t strictly designed for one type of business, the platform allows you to create a community within your industry and establish yourself as an expert. Meaning when you’re targeted customer needs answers, you’re the one who comes to mind.

Need more convincing? Consider these statistics:

  • Compared to Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Google+, LinkedIn is the #1 platform used by B2B marketers.
  • Of those same sites, LinkedIn accounts for over half of the traffic leading back to a B2B company’s website or blog.
  • LinkedIn has been ranked the most effective social media site for B2B lead generation.

The point is, LinkedIn can and does works for B2B industrial companies. It just needs to be leveraged correctly. At Strategy House we use our proven processes we to teach you exactly how to incorporate LinkedIn into your sales strategy and leverage LinkedIn on a consistent basis to create sales opportunities and establish a strong online presence. If you feel like your business could use the power of LinkedIn let’s get in touch. Contact Katie at or call +262-227-0772.

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