The Secret to Successful Business Development on LinkedIn


The secret to successful business development on LinkedIn

So here it is, my big secret to success: consistency.

I am on LinkedIn every day, literally every day. But, I’m not just for the sake of being there; I have a plan. Each month, I sit down with my team and create a strategy for using LinkedIn, then we develop content that resonates with my ideal customers.


How do you know what to do on LinkedIn on a daily basis?

After many conversations with friends and colleagues, I heard the common frustrations related to LinkedIn. The felt unsure and uncertain:

  • They don’t know what to share
  • They don’t know how to engage with my customers and prospects
  • They don’t know what to write

 These were all things I felt when I started learning LinkedIn over ten years ago, too. Now, I’ve developed a process and plan that helped me overcome these challenges and am using LinkedIn on a daily basis as a powerful business development tool.

 I realized that there was no reason my network couldn’t benefit from the very activities that generated enough business, I was able to launch my very own marketing agency this year. I compiled all of the activities I use on a daily basis for business development into a step-by-step plan that I call the LinkedIn Game Plan. My Game Plan is specifically beneficial to business owners and consultants who are looking to tap into LinkedIn as a business development tool.


LinkedIn as a business development tool can transform your business

We teach you how to incorporate the built-in features of LinkedIn into your sales strategy.

We start by setting a solid foundation; shifting the focus of your profile away from a resume format and provide you with customer-focused content. You’ll stop drawing recruiters to your profile and will start to attract potential customers. In our game plan, you’ll learn to leverage LinkedIn to:

  • generate more qualified leads
  • easily build, manage, and grow relationships
  • establish industry expertise and thought leadership

 We share tactics that support each of these business development goals, and provide tools, tips, and templates to help you incorporate them into your sales strategy and your daily plan.

 If you know someone who would benefit from a LinkedIn Game Plan, put them in touch with me directly at

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