What’s the Value of Hiring a Content Marketing Team?

You’ve probably already heard or read about how your business needs content marketing. When leveraged correctly, it builds brand awareness, establishes you as a thought leader in your industry and, most importantly, connects you with leads. But if you’re like many of the B2B businesses we’ve worked with in the past, you’re not sure if it can really work for you or if it’s something you can pull off internally.

As content marketers, the clients we’ve worked with at Strategy House many times understood the end benefits of content marketing but didn’t have the know how or time to implement the strategies that would ultimately bring them results. Which ultimately lead to marketing efforts being pushed to the bottom of their to-do list. Hiring a social media and content marketing team not only made their life easier, but it helped to propel them towards growth and meeting their business goals.

So, just how valuable is a content marketing team to your business? Let’s break down some of the benefits you’ll reap when working with a marketing team like Strategy House. 

Save Your Business Money

You might be wondering how you could possibly be saving money if you’re hiring someone. For many small businesses, their marketing team consists of a couple people who are often wearing many other hats and lack the time or knowledge to put together a strategy that meets the business’ goals.

Building an inhouse team of people with the expertise to execute your content marketing efforts can quickly become expensive, with the average national salary of content strategist being $71,000. That’s not including other expenses such as marketing automation softwares and any other tools they would need to do their jobs well. If your company doesn’t have the financial resources to hire someone or train current employees to learn how to use content marketing effectively, it might just make more sense to partner with an outsourced team of experts.

Make Your Team’s Lives Easier

The truth is, the ROI of working with an outsourced marketing team is more than worth it for businesses who are serious about putting together a long-term content strategy. Partnering with content marketing specialists will not only delivers results, but it will take tasks your team finds frustrating or overwhelming off their plates so they can focus on their expertise.

At Strategy House, we put together plans that ensures your content is in front of the right people at the right time. Our proven processes help our clients connect with their ideal customers, generate leads, and achieve their business development goals. With implementation and training, we’ll help your sales and marketing team out of overwhelm and position them for success.

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