What the Changes to LinkedIn Mean for Your Business

The Strategy House team spends a lot of time using LinkedIn. Afterall, it’s the foundation of the LinkedIn Game Plan we build for our clients looking to generate business and promote their brand online. The new changes to the platform make it even easier to use it as a tool for building brand awareness and growing your reputation as an industry expert.

LinkedIn’s updates have made the site more streamlined. There’s less distraction; the new interface is simple and clear, allowing the average user to navigate with ease. While the new design is a definite perk, what we’re most excited about is the obvious prioritization of content and connection.

Here are some of our favorite updates:

  • Notifications are streamlined. They’re now organized in one spot, making it easy to check them quickly. New profiles display recent posts and activity more prominently and you’re able to customize the types of notifications you receive depending on what you want to see (work anniversaries, job changes, etc.). This means the more active you are, the more likely you are to be put at the forefront of your connection’s newsfeeds.
  • Messaging is easier and more transparent. Before the updates, messaging meant being directed away from whatever you were doing on LinkedIn. Now with real-time messaging you’re able to message someone wherever you are on the platform. The new Active Status feature allows you to see who is online while you’re messaging them.
  • Universal search. Search for people, jobs, companies, groups and schools all in one spot. They’ve also added back search functions like saved searches to help find what you need quickly.  
  • Fine Tuned Newsfeed. Each feed features curated content you actually want to read. Using algorithms and a team of editors, LinkedIn is now delivering more relevant content from people you want to hear from and on topics you’re interested in reading.  
  • See who’s reading your content. Get deeper insight on who’s reading and engaging with what you share. This feature shows the company, job title and location of the people who’ve been following along with your content. A great way to make new connections with people you know already are interested in what you have to offer.

Overall the streamlined interface goes well with our approach of writing consistent content that speaks to our client’s ideal customer, providing them with outreach email templates and ultimately training them on how to use LinkedIn as the ultimate business development tool. If you want to learn how to incorporate LinkedIn into your sales strategy and leverage it to start generating real business, let’s talk.

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